Here at Everyday People we strive to help others live a life they love. Whether you are struggling individually, as a family, as a couple, we have services here to help you find your way. 

Individual Therapy

Coming to therapy on your own can seem daunting, especially if you've never been before. However, think of this as the best self care you could ever give yourself. One hour a week that is completely all about you. Where we can sit together and walk through the painful parts of your world, healing them one step at a time. 

Couples Therapy

Let's be honest - relationships are really hard. Add in living together, marriage, children and you have a recipe for two people to really spill all of their "stuff." Couples therapy is not for the faint of heart, but it is for people who love each other and have lost their way. It is also for people who don't have major issues, but want to do preventative work. 

Family Therapy

You've heard the saying that every family has it's problems. Well, it's true because every human being has their problems. Family therapy is a beautiful place to come together as a unit and start working through the things that get hard on your own. Where you as a family can break down patterns that have haunted generations before yours. 

Group Therapy

Online Therapy 

Group Counseling can be an affordable and comforting place to tackle your life's struggles. In group counseling clients are able to sort through their experiences along side others that have felt the same way, and have walked the same path. 

The sense of community that occurs in these groups is a huge part of the healing process and assists each client in their own growth.

Sometimes life is so busy that we can't make it into our therapist's office. Or maybe you're disabled and transportation is hard to come by. Whatever the case may be, technology has allowed for therapy to occur wherever you are! 

This service is open ONLY to those that reside in Florida. 

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